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sear-iously delicious...& delivered

Skip your kbbq outing & save $ simplying having korean bbq at's a no brainer

Our reviews do the talk’in

Hey YOU!

Are you craving kbbq?

You’ve probably got a rough idea of what we do.

We're not just another korean bbq delivery joint.

Rolls Eyes*

I guess Broadsheet (Australia’s leading food & drink magazine) made a publication on us because we are that tad more special

It’s True

And it’s all because we provide you with a convenient option to indulge in KBBQ.

Before you start over-complicating the scenario in your head, let me break it down for you.

1. You make an order from our website with our lovely grill hire

2. We make your order on the same morning of delivery, it won’t get any fresher.

3. You receive your kit and your grill &’re ready to SEAR.

4. We pick up the grill the following week (there’s no need to clean it)

Seariously simple.


I won’t bore you for to much longer, are entitled to know our suppliers.

We ONLY use Aussie meat, with some of Australia’s most prestigious brands.

Ranger’s Valley, Phoenix Wagyu, & Sher to name a few. 

What’s even better? We don’t charge an arm & a leg for the quality you receive.

How are we able to do this? We don’t have as many overhead costs as your typical KBBQ joint.

So instead, we see this as an opportunity to put these savings back in your wallet, just as long as you are happy to have KBBQ at home.

It’s a win-win scenario!

Now, are you ready to see what we're all about?

Let's scroll

How To Order

Banquets can be built to fit the number of guests or even customised to your own liking! Choose your banquet and select your desired meats and dishes. (You can also hire our amazing grills)

We deliver the Korean BBQ experience straight to your door. Save the hassle dining out & enjoy the ultimate restaurant experience at the comfort of your own home with great company.

Sit back & indulge in the finest quality we have to offer. Did you hire a grill? We'll arrange a suitable time for collection for your piece of mind.

Why Sear?

Next Day Delivery

Place your order prior to 11PM to be eligible for next day delivery.

Thermal Cartons

Your food comes in thermal cartons packed to last up to 3 hours without refrigeration.

SMS Tracking

Keep track of your delivery status with our on-day live delivery SMS system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your trading days?

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We're open to bookings from Tuesday to Saturday each week.

Do your products contain allergens?

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Most of our products do contain allergens. If you are thinking of placing an order online, please consult one of our team members so we can arrange alternatives prior to any order submissions.

Are Your Products Halal?

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Yes, all of our products including our Beef, Angus & Wagyu are halal. All of our marinated are also alcohol-free, yet is still as nostalgic as any KBBQ experience!

How many days are required to prepare & receive my order?

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We only require a one-day notice for all orders, please bear in mind our trading days are from Monday to Saturday with an ordering deadline time of 10 PM, should you wish to receive your order the next day.

Will my order stay fresh for the next day if we decide to postpone our kit?

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Absolutely, our meats & salads are prepared freshly so you won't have to worry about any spoilage. Simply refrigerate all items upon receiving & reheat your bao buns/rice the day following. 

What happens to all the equipment once we have concluded our meal?

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Simply follow the instructions provided with our kit by scanning the QR code. A date will be prompted by one of our team members to specify an appropriate time to initiate the equipment hand-over.

I'll be taking the kit with me on a road trip/holiday house in NSW, is it possible to extend the equipment pick-up for a whole week or so?

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You sure can! Please do prompt our team via the order notes in order to ensure an equipment handover extension period.

Delivery FAQ's

Do you deliver to my suburb?

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We deliver to all suburbs within the 40km radius of the Inner-West.

Can I receive my package today if I make an order on the same day?

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At this stage, we only provide next-day delivery, all you need to do is ensure that you lodge your order online prior to our 10 PM cut-off time the day prior.

Can I choose a specific time window for my delivery to arrive on the day?

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Unfortunately, we plan our routes the day prior for your order alongside many other hungry diners in an efficient & productive manner. It's for the best so everyone can receive their package before the 6 PM delivery deadline!

Will my order stay cold if nobody is home to receive the kit?

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Definitely. We package all our orders with a thermal liner & gel pack, with all items staying cool for up to 6 hours!

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